BinkD: a TCP/IP FTN mailer

This site contains some materials about TCP/IP FIDOnet mailer BinkD, what uses protocol TCP/IP as transport.


Binkd works over internet (and intranet) via protocol binkp. This protocol supported also by mailers: Argus (win32, Rit Labs, and it's clones (Radius, Taurus), BForce (unix), Internet REX (DOS, Win32, OS/2), MBSE (by Michiel Broek) and BeeMail (win32; Stephen Proffitt, 1:105/10;



  • freeware, open sources
  • versions for clones of the Unix (linux, freebsd, SCO, Solaris, ...), OS/2 (native & EMX), Windows (MS Visual C и mingw)
  • ability to work at daemon in Unix and at service in Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
  • simple TCP connection (data reability is checked by TCP level) and result is high speed of data transfer
  • three variants of outbound: BSO (bink-style outbound), LBSO (Long BSO), ASO (Amiga-style outbound)
  • filepath translation if ?LO-files (used where outbound is placed on network disks)
  • personal fileboxes for sending and receiving files for each node
  • support for fileboxes of T-Mail and The Brake!
  • support of translation FTN addresses into domain name (*
  • support of password files T-mail style (began by binkd 0.9.4)
  • supprot File REQuests using SRIF
  • flag creation on file received (by mask)
  • program execution on file received (by mask)
  • denial of file receiving (on mask) - began by binkd 0.9.4
  • connect via HTTP proxy and SOCKS proxy servers - began by binkd 0.9.3.https
  • password encription (MD5) - began by binkd 0.9.4 release
  • traffic encription - began by binkd 0.9.5
  • check IP address of remote node at incoming connection - began by binkd 0.9.5



BinkD sources may be retrieved from anonymous CVS repository, using following comands (password is empty):

  • $ cvs -d login
  • $ cvs -d co binkd